How to use TRAPORICH

  1. Cut the TRAPORICH Packet.
  2. Rub the Coconut Oil with Your Hand Before Touching the Sticky Area.
  3. Traps Should Be Separated From Each Other.
  4. In Vegetable Crops, It Should Be Fix at Doubled Height of The Plant with a Stick.
  5. The Height of The Traps Should Be 2 Feet Higher Than the Height of The Crop.
  6. The Traps Should Be Planted in The Center of The Tree in The Orchards.
  7. Probably, The Traps Should Be Fixing in East-West Direction in Order to Shine Brightly.

Beneficial For Following Crops

Tomatoes, Chilli, Brinjal – Protected against all sucking pests and diseases spread by them.

Cabbage, Flower – Protects against sucking pests bugs, and moths.

Cucumber, bitter gourd (climber crops) – Protects against sucking pests and fruit fly.

Mango, Sapota, Banana (Fruit crops) – Protects against sucking pests and fruit fly.

Onion, Potato, Garlic (Tuber crops) – Protects against sucking pests.

Why to use TRAPORICH

Most of the harmful insects, pests in nature are attracted to blue and yellow. Therefore, TRAPORICH is a natural pest control device.

 It is completely free from toxins and its adhesiveness lasts for a long time.

Eco friendly and easy to use.

Pest control is suitable in all seasons and adhesiveness lasts for a long time in the rainy season also.

To get the most out of TRAPORICH

The traps should be planted in the first week immediately after planting.

For best results use 20 to 30 traps/acre.

Traps should be replaced immediately if they are filled with 80 to 90 percent pests or dust.