Green Tea


World’s best antioxidant now available in unique tablet form Aids in weight management.


Green Tea Extract

Green tea makes the body more effective at burning calories, which may lead to weight loss. It also reduces belly fat in obese adults.

Grape seed Extract

This extract reduces the absorption of fat from our diets. It can pump up your metabolic rate, which helps you burn more calories.


Lemon Extract

lemon burns a minimum of 6 calories and this is the main factor that makes it a weight loss agent.


Ginger beneficial in the complex bodily processes that burn and store fat. it is used for digestion.


Cinnamon extract

Cinnamon extract helped increase brown fat in subcutaneous (fat layer under the skin) fat cells.


Turmeric Extract

Haldi helps in losing weight by regulating sugar levels and further preventing insulin resistance.


Tulsi extract

The faster your metabolism, the easier it is to burn calories. Tulsi also helps boost digestion naturally and eliminates toxins from your body.


Black Salt

Black salt contains less sodium as compared to regular table salt, it doesn’t cause water retention and bloating.



 Boosts your mood

Metabolism booster, increase energy level and concentration

Beneficial for Heart Health, skin health, diabetes, joint health


  1 Green Tea tablet with 1 cup warm water And get all benefits of superpower green tea.