Nemarich is an effective solution for the management of white grub found in various crops. Nemarich contains infective juveniles of entomopathogenic nematode (EPN), Heterobabditisindica, which kills the grubs within 48 to 96 hrs through its unique mechanism of action.

Characteristics :

1.NEMARICH is completely natural and is not harmful to humans, pets, beneficial insects, and the environment.
2. It does not have an effect on beneficial insects and earthworms.
3. All One of the alternatives for integrated pest management in which less use of chemical pesticides.
4. It is completely free from toxins and easy to use.


  1. Heterobabditis indica (EPN) – 50000 ij/gram
  2. Moisture – 20 %
  3. Sticking Agent – 00.50%
  4. Carrier – 80.00% w/w


Volume – 3 to 5 kg / acre

Pre-care – 3 kg per acre.

If there is an outbreak- 4 kg per acre.

If the prevalence is high – 4 kg per acre.

Mode of Work

Use with cow dung manure or organic fertilizers:-

  1. NEMARICH is usable with cow dung manure or organic fertilizers in the soil.
  2. 2. Mix all of these in 50 liters of water and spread them on the field by mixing dung or organic manure into the soil or putting them into bed at the time of planting.
  3. After dispersing the soil, it is necessary to irrigate the field lightly

Flood irrigation or drip irrigation: –

  1. As soon as the outbreak of the white grub appears, NEMARICH is treated with water provided at different stages of the crop.
  2. As per recommended dose NEMARICH mixed with 200-liter water and released through flood irrigation or drip irrigation.
  3. During the application of the mixture through flood irrigation or drip irrigation, the mixture should be stirred continuously.
  4. So that, the nematode will not stay at the bottom.