GoRich Prom


The prices of chemical fertilizers are going beyond the reach of farmers day by day. Also chemical fertilizers are having adverse effects on the soil. Land pollution and water pollution are increasing due to overuse of chemical fertilizers. The number of bacteria in the soil is decreasing. It is necessary to use DAP, SSP to increase production and in such a situation farmers become helpless. For such a farmer king, Dhanwantari has brought a very powerful product.

The function of GORICH - PROM:

  • Best organic alternative to chemical phosphorus fertilizers like DAP and SSP.
  • Improves soil health and texture.
  • Regular use makes the soil humus rich.
  • Reduces the use and cost of chemical fertilizers.
  • The number of useful microorganisms in the soil increases.
  • Provides phosphorus to the next crop along with the existing crop.

Recommenced Dose GORICH - PROM:

For cereals ,Pulses and oil seeds crops – 100 kg / acer

For fruits and vegetables crops – 200 kg / acer

For cotton and sugarcane – 200 kg / acer