CattleRich Powder

For any leaving creature, weakened immunity is the basic cause behind Any health disorder. In most cases, uncontrolled diseases lead to Non-productivity all the way. Cattlerich is the perfect chemical-free Dietary supplementation for animals to improve immunity.


Fulvic, humic, l-lysine, turmeric, calcium All in natural form


  1. Improves immune system in all animals.
  2. Improves animal dietary system & increases diet.
  3.  Reduces the bad odor of animal waste.
  4. Improves fertility rate in animals.
  5. The proven rise in milking rate.
  6. The remarkable rise in milk fat & SNF.

Daily dose recommendation

(To be administered orally by mixing with animal feed)

Cows/Buffalos/ Bullocks : 4 gms
Per 100 hens : 2 gms
Sheep : 4 gms
Horse : 4 gms
Dogs : 3 gms
Other pet animals : 2 gms