The human brain is three times larger & is being used more efficiently as compared to other animals. It makes us more intelligent amongst all mammals. The human brain is the center of the human nervous system & is a highly complex organ. It is well protected in the cerebral cortex, a convoluted layer of neural tissue. The brain monitors & regulates the body’s actions & reactions. With chemical reactions & electromagnetic transmission, it continuously receives sensory information, rapidly analyzes this data & then responds. God has gifted us Super Computer like Param which has tremendous power, unfortunately, we are unable to use this computer in full form. To make improve this ability & to overcome neurological disorders, Dhanwantari has developed a research-based Ayurvedic product Nurayurich.


Bacopa Moneri

Bacopa Moneris is an outstanding nervine tonic used for many neurological disorders.

Nardostachys jatamansi

Nardostachysjatamansi has neuroprotective,

anticonvulsant activity best antioxidant action.

Evolvulusalsinoides Linn

Evolvulusalsinoides Linn has been employed clinically

for centuries for its memory potentiating, anxiolytic,

and tranquilizing properties.


Tinocordifolia is a well known

medhyarasayan from Ayurved.

Rasaraj Ras

Rasarajras which is beneficial in paralysis,

Extremely beneficial in facial paralysis,

in various types of nervous disorders.


Tapyadiloha -a combination used

in a hemorrhagic condition in the brain.

Causes of Brain Disorders






Alcohol & Smoking

Stress, Anxiety, Depression

Old Age


Represents the third common cause of death and hospitalization.  However, there are yet no drugs that have reliable effects on acute. Therefore, the development of new drugs that can support patients is required. There are various candidate drugs for acute such as antithrombotic agents, anticoagulants, thrombolytic agents, neuro-protectants, and so on. One can get the solution with Ayurveda- Herbal remedies. We have developed a research base Ayurvedic product for neurological disorders Cap.NeuroRich, a result-oriented powerful herbomineral combination.


Beneficial in the following conditions.

Brain Health Supplement.
Rejuvenates Nervous System & Brain cells.
Reduces Mental Stress, Fatigue, Depression & Anxiety.
Beneficial in brain-related abnormalities.
Helpful in anxiety, brain injury, memory loss, neuromuscular weakness Best supplement.
For old age degenerative changes of nerves and brain.


1) The dose of capsule NeuroRich is 1 Capsule 3 times in a  day with water.  

2) Precaution: Not to be used in Pregnant & Nursing Mothers, Children below 10 years.

3) No Adverse Effect is reported. No Drug Interactions with other medicines.