RPS FloraRich

Flowering Is The Most Important Stage For Crops. The contents of RPS FLORA RICH on foliar application get stick to the aerial part & promote cell elongation, cell differentiation, pollen germination & help to absorb nutrients necessary for the growth & development of flower & fruit.


See weed extracts:                               30 %

Plant Extracts:                                       20 %

Fulvic Acid:                                            10 %

Amino acid:                                            5 %

Micro nutrients & Stabilizer:                2 %

Naturally derived elements:                 2 %

Water:                                                      qs


  1. Promote flowering & fruiting

  2. Contribute for Maximum Crop Yield

  3. Prevent flower drop

  4. Promotes early flowering & fruiting

  5. Promote the health of the crop

  6. Size & Quality of produce improves

  7. Enhances cell division & elongation


  2. Application Time: Pre-flowering stage (30-45 days of seed sowing) For crops like Chilly, Tomato, Ladyfinger, Brinjal application starts after 30 days & continuous spray at 15 days interval helps increasing yield.
  3. Method of Application: Dissolve 50 mL of RPS FLORA RICH liquid in 15 Lit of water & spray over the crop.
  4. Recommended Crops: Cash crops, Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Fruit crops, Banana, Mango, Pomegranate, Grapes, Orange, All Vegetables, Tomato, Brinjal, Ladyfinger Garden & nursery plants, turfs & Ornamental plants, etc.
  5. Compatibility: RPS FLORA RICH is compatible with all commonly-used organic fertilizer, pesticides & insecticides.