GoRas Ultra

Anaerobically digested and 100% Pathogen Free Bio-Slurry

Cowdung and cow urine have a great significance in agriculture . To maintain the soil fertility cowdung plays a vital role if it used scientifically. Goras is anaerobically digested cow dung slurry which contains all types of nutrients required for plants. 100 % pathogen , weedseeds & insect free. Filtered through 50 micron microlter so it can be used through drip, sprinkler or sprayer.

Benefits of GORAS ULTRA:

1) There is a tremendous increase in production.
2) Regular use improves soil texture and texture.
3) Increases the colour, luster, size, weight of the fruit.
4) Provides nitrogen, Phosphorus, potash and all kinds of micro nutrients

Recommenced Dose GORAS ULTRA:

5 liters of slurry can be mixed in 200 liters of water and applied by drip irrigation, irrigation or spraying.

 NOTE : Do not use with chemical pesticides.