Rose Honey Face Wash

An authentic herbal preparation formulated with Pure Botanical Extracts.
An extremely mild face wash made with pure Aloe Vera Juice, Rosewater, and Honey.
Gently removes dirt and maintains natural moisture of the skin.
A Soap-Free Face Wash. Free from Parabens, Harsh Chemicals.


Organic Rosewater

It helps maintain the pH balance of the skin and regulates the oiliness of the skin. In rose water to reduce inflammation, redness of the skin, pimples, properties that help get rid of eczema.

Pure Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera gel is cold. So it helps to reduce the skin’s damage caused by sunlight. It also prevents pimples and skin blemishes. Helps to moisturize the skin.

Cucumber Extract

The astringent effect of cucumber balances the amount of oil formed on the face And reduce signs of aging. Helps to clean the pores on the skin.


Applying glycerin on the skin increases skin moisture, giving the skin a youthful, healthy glow.


Honey is naturally soothing and has healing properties. It also nourishes damaged skin to fade scars.