Punjab, Haryana & West UP area is known for burning pharm or crop residue, but this trend is spreading in other areas of the country. Mostly, Wheat & Paddy, Sugarcane leaves are burned. According to an official report, more than 500 million tons of crop residue is produced annually in the country, with cereal crops (Rice, Wheat, Maize & Millet) accounting for 70% of the total crop residue, this 34% comes from Rice & 22% comes from Wheat crops, most of which are burned in the field. According to an estimate, Punjab alone produces 20 million tons of Rice every year, of which 80% is burned. Instead of burning, crop residues can be used as compost. Compost Rich decomposes crop residue, dry leaves & garden waste into biomass compost.

Compost Rich is a 100% natural product.

Use of Compost Rich :

5 – 8 metric tons of crop residue can be converted into compost with the use of 150 gm of Compost Rich.
Useful for municipalities, housing societies, institutional gardens, nurseries, gardens, decomposing of farm waste, etc.

Amount of compost Rich to be used :

Mix 150 grams of Compost Rich in 200 liters of water & spray or mix in 5 – 8 metric ton crop residue.

Advice for using CompostRich :

Do not mix with pesticides or chemical fertilizers.