Neem Turmeric Face wash

An authentic herbal preparation formulated with Pure Botanical Extracts.
This is an antibacterial face wash with medicinal effects of Neem, Turmeric, Tulsi Leaves, and Lemon Oil.
It removes excess oil and purifies acne-prone skin.
A Soap-Free Face Wash. Free from Parabens, Harsh Chemicals.


Extracts of Neem Leaves

Extract of neem removes the problem of dry skin, itchy skin, and redness on the skin. It also prevents pimples and skin blemishes.

Extracts of Turmeric Roots

Help to reduce acne and any scars as a result. Helps to cleanse your face from acne breakouts.

Extracts of Tulsi

Basil benefits the skin by preventing blackheads, pimples and Relieves skin infections.
Limits early symptoms of aging.

Extracts of Manjishtha

In the management of various skin diseases like pimples, infections, wounds, etc. Helps.  It also helps to improve skin color and reduce dark spots.

Pure Essential Oil of Lemon

Its used for comes in a color that feels vibrant, healthy, and radiant skin. Lemon oil destroys bacteria on the skin, which get stuck in the pores.