Bactorich Nutrakit

According to “ Jantunam Jeevnam Krushi “  lines written by Saint Parashar from his epic named Rushi – Krishi, beneficial microbes present in soil play a major role in providing nourishment to the crop. The population of beneficial microorganisms is getting reduced due to the indiscriminate and excessive use of chemical fertilizer and depletion of carbon. It has increased the cost of production but reduced yield and productivity. Soil health and fertility deteriorate. Degraded soil health has resulted in human and animal health issues. Hence, under its ‘Healthy India’ mission Dhanwantari Company has made available, the BACTORICH product, for conserving soil fertility status. It helps to increase the population of beneficial microorganisms in soil and enhance soil fertility.

2 Variants of Bacto Rich

Note: All kits are having the same bacterias except N Fixation Bacteria.

BactoRich Nutrakit For Fruits & Vegetable

Bactorich Nutrakit For Sugarcane

Advantages of Biofertilizers

  1. Renewable source of nutrients.
  2. Sustain soil health.
  3. Supplement to chemical fertilizers.
  4. Replace 25-30% chemical fertilizers.
  5. Increase the grain yields by 10-30%.
  6. Decompose plant residues, and stabilize the C: N ratio of soil.
  7. Improve texture, structure, and water holding capacity of the soil.
  8. No adverse effect on plant growth and soil fertility.
  9. Stimulates plant growth by secreting growth hormones.
  10. Secrete fungistatic and antibiotic-like substances.
  11. Solubilize and mobilize nutrients.
  12. Eco-friendly, non- pollutants, and cost-effective method.

Importance of BACTORICH

  1. Cell Count is: 2×10 (11) = 20,000 cr.cells/1ml
  2. Expiry Date is: Two years
  3. No Contamination Bacterias
  4. All favorable Bacterias in Separate Bottles (N, PSB, KMB, ZN)
  5. Favorable Fungus like VAM (Vascular Arbuscular MYCORHIZA)
  6. Bacterias are in a dormant stage
  7. Lower price as compare to other separate products in market

Dose of Bactorich and Method of Application

Dose : One kit /Acre

SEED TREATMENT: Wilt is observed in several crops due to the presence of soil-inhabiting disease-causing fungi. To increase the germination capacity of seed, seed treatment is essential. Beneficial bacteria present on the seed surface help to increase the germination capacity of the seed, also multiply rapidly on the root surface and in the rhizosphere. In the early stage of crop development, these bacteria provide the essential nutrients to the plants which help to induce bacteria and apply on the seeds by gently rubbing with hands and sow the seeds after 15 minutes of shed drying. Fruit vegetables and leafy vegetables should be treated in a nursery. For sugarcane, sets should be treated with the recommended dose and use for planting.

Use with FYM/Compost or Organic Fertilizers: Bactorich is a bacterial fertilizer that can be used with FYM/compost or organic fertilizers. Bactorich with 50 liters of water is mixed thoroughly with the FYM/ compost and applied in the field or spread over the bed before sowing. Enhanced growth of bacteria can be observed if the compost is kept overnight after mixing and then applied to the field.

Use through flood irrigation or drip irrigation: Bactorich can be used with the irrigation water given at different stages of crop development. Mix crop-wise recommended Bactorich in 200 liters of water and applied through a flood or drip irrigation. Care should be taken not to use it with any chemical fertilizer.

Dose And Application