RPS Sugar Gold

RPS 76 SUGAR GOLD granular is the best manure filled with natural nutrients of the soil. Due to which the land becomes very soft and friable.

RPS 76 sugar gold composition :

Concentrated humic and fulvic 3% (A.I) for organic farming.

Ingredients leonardite, and Carrier ingredient q.s. to make 100% w/w.

RPS 76 Sugar gold benefits:

  Increases overall growth of the plant

 It is the best natural supplement to the plant which increase natural resistance power

It increases the water-holding capacity of the soil

 This organic fertilizer increases the reaction of the soil which makes the soil more productive

 It helps to increase organic carbon and beneficial bacteria which promotes the conversion of main, micro, and other trace elements into available from to plant.

Dosage Recommendation :

 5 kgs per acre during the time of plantation of sugarcane in addition if required 5 kg per acre during the time of HEAVY EARTHING UP.