Arthritis is a common disease that causes chronic pain and loss of movement because of damage to the joints of the body. Billions of people are suffering from Arthritis in India. These patients suffer from severe Joint Pains resulting from limited joint movements. Dangerous Arthritis leads people gradually towards physical disability. However, in allopathy, there are yet no drugs that have a reliable treatment for Arthritis. Allopathic treatment is just symptomatic. Ayurveda believes that an imbalanced dosha (either Vata, pitta, or Kapha) is the root cause of Joint Pains and also indicates an effective herbal remedy for that. After wide research on Ayurvedic Science regarding joint pains, Dhanwantari has launched Artho Rich, a perfect Ayurvedic formula to fight against any joint disorder.

There are over 100 different forms of arthritis. The most common forms are-

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Psoriatic arthritis
  3. Autoimmune diseases
  4. Septic arthritis etc.

Signs and Symptoms

Regardless of the type of arthritis, the common symptoms for all arthritis disorders include varied levels of pain, swelling, joint stiffness, and sometimes a constant ache around the joint(s).

  1. Inability to use the hand or walk
  2. Malaise and a feeling of tiredness
  3. Fever
  4. Weight loss
  5. Poor sleep
  6. Muscle aches and pains
  7. Tenderness
  8. Difficulty moving the joint


Arthritis is the most common cause of disability.

Arthritis makes it very difficult for the individual to remain physically active. Many individuals who have arthritis also suffer from obesity, high cholesterol, or have heart disease.

Individuals with arthritis also become depressed and have fear of worsening symptoms

1.Triphala Guggul:

Improves digestive disorders & prevents toxins to reach the joints. Helps transport of beneficial drugs to the joints.

2. Sinhanad Guggul & Yograj Guggul:

Effective against inflammation, edema of joints & joint pains.


1-2 cap 3 times a day with a glass of water after food.