Yoshirich V-Wash

Its rights said that Health begins with cleanliness And health is maintained by Cleanliness Majority of Indian women are suffering from Lower Abdominal part infection like Vaginitis, cervicitis, cystitis, discharge (white/red). A major reason for this is Lack of cleanliness or Wrong methods of cleanliness like using strong chemical soaps/shampoos.

Why Yoshirich V-wash

The lower part (Intimate area) of the female has a pH of 3.8 to 4.5 which is Acidic. It has its own normal flora. When the pH of the intimate area is disturbed, it causes infection due to pathological bacteria and fungus. One should not use any soap or shampoo for the Intimate part as the Skin and mucus of the intimate area (both men & women) are very delicate. Any mild disturbance in pH causes infection. Note Soaps and Shampoos which are present in the market are of very high pH (i.e.Basic/alkaline). To maintain the health of the intimate area, we need gentle care with low pH. Therefore, we have introduced Yoshirich V-wash.

Benefits of Yoshirich V-Wash with Panchvalkal kashay


Maintains natural pH.

Prevent dryness and itching.

Maintains normal flora.

Protects mucosa.

Effectively reduces infection.