Nutritionals: ProtiRich W Powder

  ProtiRich W

Protein Rich Ayurvedic Health Supplement for Women.
Combination of Essential Ayurvedic Supplements for Women.
Relieves Stress & keeps one Fresh and Energetic.


Woman body is amazingly complex and delicate. Multiple roles as the mother, daughter, wife, homemaker, wage earner is physically and mentally quite taxing. Ayurveda foundation is on the principle of keeping the body toned in tune with nature. And naturally women find Ayurveda very suitable. Ayurvedic healthcare is the perfect solution for women to stop the aging process, for Periodic rejuvenation, to keep beauty and zest intact throughout the years.Healthy woman is the pillar of healthy family & society & for women health, Ayurveda can work miracles Considering all these important aspects Dhanwantari has gifted the society with ‘female special’ grand herbal product, Proti Rich (W)

Roll of proteins

Proteins are essential for human body so they are known as Building Blocks of Life. Proteins are complex substance made up of thousands of small units called amino acids. These are of 2 types, first is 9 essential amino acids & second is 11 non essential amino acids.



  1. Raj-shimbi (soya isolate): Gives you peace of mind. Keeps you fresh and energetic. Gives relief to the stressful body muscles. The necessary cofactors of calcium like magnesium and boron required for the bones are available in large quantity. Daizein-isoplavon reduces bones decalcification.Isoplavon does not let the skin loosen. Jenistein protects the skin from the sun rays and darkening.
  2. Jatamasi: Relives stress and gives peace of mind. In females during menopause the body and mind are very stressful. In this period jatamasi is very helpful. It is a very good Tonic for gastro intestinal system, blood vascular system & reproductive system. It enhances hair growthand maintains natural colour of hair.
  3. Pomegranate: It is enriched with vitamin C, potassium & polifinols. It is very useful in hyper-tension and heart problems. Being a very good anti-oxidant it helps in preventing breast cancer and cervical cancer.
  4. Peepli mul: It is very effective if there is any sleeping problem. It increases the immunity. When mixed with any medicine it increases absorbtion of that medicine in the body.
  5. Anantmul: The roots of this herb go deep into the soil and give a good support to it’s tree, in the same way it deeply helps our body and gives strength. It overall cleanses the body and prevents any skin problems. As a result we get a beautiful looking skin. It regulates the flow of blood and so it is helpful in menstrual cycle and at the time of abortion. It stops negative feelings, stress and also helps in digestion. It is very useful in joint pains, cough and cold. It stops hair fall and helps to increase the volume of hair.
  6. Grapes: It contains vitamin A, C, B-6, follet and potassium, calcium, iron phosphorus, magnesium, sodium etc. minerals. And anti-oxidants are also present in it. T.B. migrane, breast cancer can also be cured. It cures all stomach problems and relaxes the body. It also stops any viral diseases to spread. The soponin present in the skin of grape stops the absorption of the cholesterol. It increases the nitric oxide present in the blood and maintains the density of the blood. And thus it protects from the heart attack and also helps in reducing LDL level in the blood.


  1. Women need proteins massively at every stage of their lives. Dose of ProtiRich(W) is determined accordingly.15 grams (1 tablespoon) Proti rich (W) Twice a day with glass of cold milk.
  2. No side Effects. No Drug Interaction.
  3. 100% Safe.
  4. Store in Cool & Dry places

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