Organic Farming: RPS 76 Rejuvenator Granules

  RPS 76
Rejuvenator Granules

Rejuvenation of Agriculture Land by using Natural Elements.


Reconditioning the damaged soil(due to overuse of chemical fertilizers, soil erosion, etc.) is very important. RPS 76 Granules plays important role for reconditioning the soil.


HUMIC & FULVIC Acid derived from Leonardite


  1. 100% Organic. Does not contain chemicals or pesticides.
  2. Remarkably increases nutritional values of cultivating soil.
  3. Enhances natural immune system of the plant, which lessens the use of chemical & pesticides & ultimately help farmer to save money.
  4. Promotes healthy growth in plants.
  5. Gives commercial benefits in both the ways by enhancing production quality & quantity.
  6. Beneficial in all crop varieties e.g. fruits, vegetables, pomegranate, banana, coconut, sugarcane, jawar, rice , potato, etc.
  7. Useful for Green house crops & household gardening.

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