Body & Bath Care: SwarnaRich Face cream

Face cream

Enriched with SwarnaBhasma, Lightens your Face.
Effectively reduces and removes melisma, dark spots, dark circles and pimple spots as well.
Anti-ageing, Rejuvenation & Revitalization of skin.


SwarnaRich Ayurvedic cream is rebirth of Royal Ayurveda. The age-old ayurvedic secret available only for Royal families, is now available for everyone.
In today’s polluted environment, it is a must have cream for everybody.


Swarna Bhasma , Almond oil , Grape seed oil

  Swarn Bhasma: It is Yogwaahi- effective in multiple manner. It is Rasayan that is Anti-ageing and revitalizing. Ojaskar means improves immunity. Prativish means Anti-toxin and Anti-oxidant. Swastha-urjaskar means it promotes skin health and glow.
  Almond Oil (Badam Oil): Its contains vital nutrients, omega-3 fatty acid as well as Vitamin E which is good Anti-oxidant and remove Tan from Skin.
  Grape Seed Oil: It has Anti-oxidants, Great amount of Vitamin E, Flavonoids essential for skin.

How to use SwarnaRich Cream

  1. Use once daily
  2. First wash your face with Blue Morpho face wash.
  3. Apply Swarnarich cream on every part of face, Ear skin and Neck skin
  4. Massage gently clockwise and anti-clockwise for a minute
  5. Do not apply any other cream for next 30 mins

Effects and uses of SwarnRich Ayurvedic cream

  1. It effectively reduces and removes dark spot, dark circles and pimple spots as well.
  2. It gives royal glow with baby like softness to skin.
  3. Anti-ageing: It effectively reduces age of skin. Makes your skin younger than your age.
  4. Rejuvenation and Revitalization of skin
  5. It tightens skin by reducing micro-wrinkles
  6. It detoxify the skin and improves immunity
  7. It gives long lasting fairness with royal glow.Use minimum for 90 days

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