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OmegaRich is Unique vegetarian supplement to full fill need of omega 3 fatty acid i.e. DHA


Dhanwantari introduces this unique vegetarian supplement after years of study to full fill need of omega 3 fatty acid i.e. DHA This is a essential fat type for long healthy life. Dhanwantari formulated it from alagal oil after taking all standardized precautions of purity and safety.


  It's the only vegetarian source of essential omega3 fatty acid (DHA & EPA) in the world.
  Body can not form internally these type of fatty acids ( DHA,EPA ) from other diet nutrients.
  We can not get omega 3 fatty acid –DHA and EPA from vegetarian diet alone.
  Secondly we also get insufficient DHA and EPA from fish and other sea food.
  Reduces Heart disease risk..
  Beneficial in pregnancy-Reduces the Risk of Early Pattern Births.
  Super food for newborn.
  Super food for newborn.
  Fights Inflammation.
  Supports Muscle Recovery After Exercise.
  Help Protect Mental Health.
  Beneficial for eye health.
  Improve Bone and Joint Health.
  Lowers blood pressure & Supports Circulation.
  Supports Male Reproductive Health.


  Algal Oil 500mg (DHA200mg).


    Adults: 2 capsules a day after food. Children: 1 capsule daily after food.

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