Ayurvedic Medicines: Habbicure Nicotine Pastille

Nicotine Pastille

Easiest and Perfect way to Quit Tobacco.
Resists use of Tobacco just by chewing Habbicure.
Quits Tobacco for sure.


More than 60% population consuming tobacco products ends up their lives at early stages!!!!!!
Smokers seeking treatment for other drug problems often find it harder to quit smoking than other drugs. Habbicure is the Best and Reliable remedy to Cure from Tobacco Habit.
Contains 2mg Natural Nicotine

Benefits of Habbicure

Nicotine Lozenges advantages.

  May satisfy oral cravings
  Can be used whenever required unlike patches
  Easy to carry and use and conceal
  Patients can titrate therapy to manage withdrawal symptoms
  Lesser side effects
  People who use the nicotine pastilles are twice as likely to quit and stay stopped.
  HABBICURE is made with an innovative licensed German technology which allows encapsulated Nicotine to be taste masked and released gradually, but at the same pace as from cigarettes or tobacco/gutkha. This technology ensures that if consumed in the prescribed manner, DO NOT CHEW, SUCK SLOWLY, one does not get the normal side effects like nausea or heartburn. This technologically advanced formulation is the easiest way to ensure that person reduce if not quit, at his/her own pace


  Smokers, tobacco/gutkha chewers start with 2 mg pastille when there is urge to smoke/ chew tobacco.
  The maximum daily dose is 50mg (25 pastilles for the 2 mg strength).
  The duration of the treatment is individual, but is normally 2-3 months; the dose of nicotine is then gradually reduced. Treatment should be discontinued when the dose has been reduced to 1 – 2 pastilles per day.

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