Organic Farming: StikoRich


Real Need of Field
It is a silicon based non - ionic spreader, which enhance the utility of chemical.


   Most of the chemicals used for crop protection, at least 70%, disappears and goes down to the bottom of the leaf.
   Which does not lead to the expected relief from pests and diseases . Therefore, STIKORICH should be used in each spray.
   STIKORICH combines with crop protection chemicals as its each drop converts into a dewdrop.
   So that it penetrates very well into the leaf of the tree. This increases the effectiveness of the chemical.


    STIKORICH enhances the effectiveness of the chemicals when sprayed together with any pesticides / fungicides / herbicide / plant hormone


   Spraying application in the rate of 0.25 ml/ litre of water or 50 ml/200 ml water for per acre of land

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