Organic Farming: RPS FloraRich


Enhances Flowering with tremendous Increase in the yields.


Flowering Is The Most Important Stage For Crops.
The contents of RPS FLORA RICH on foliar application get stick to the aerial part & promote cell elongation, cell differentiation, pollen germination & help to absorb nutrients necessary for growth & development of flower & fruit.


See weed extracts: 30 %
Plant Extracts: 20 %
Fulvic Acid: 10 %
Amino acid: 5 %
Micro nutrients & Stabilizer: 2 %
Naturally derived elements: 2 %
Water: qs


  1. Promote flowering & fruiting
  2. Contribute for Maximum Crop Yield
  3. Prevent flower drop
  4. Promotes early flowering & fruiting
  5. Promote the health of crop
  6. Size & Quality of produce improves
  7. Enhances cell division & elongation

RPS FLORA RICH Liquid is a natural product free from harmful chemicals.


  2. Application Time: Pre-flowering stage (30-45 days of seed sowing) For crops like Chilly, Tomato, Lady finger, Brinjal application starts after 30 days & continuous spray at 15 days interval helps increasing yield.
  3. Method od Application: Dissolve 50 mL of RPS FLORA RICH liquid in 15 Lit of water & spray over the crop.
  4. Recommended Crops: Cash crops, Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Fruit crops, Banana, Mango, Pomegranate, Grapes, Orange, All Vegetables, Tomato, Brinjal, Lady finger Garden & nursery plants, turfs & Ornamental plants etc.
  5. Compatibility: RPS FLORA RICH is compatible with all commonly used organic fertilizer, pesticides & insecticides.

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