Animal Feed: AquaRich


Natural food (phytoplankton).
Pollution-free Fisheries.
Oxygen rich fish pond.
FCR (Feed Conversion Rate).
Exportable Production.

Major Varieties of Fisherie

Rohu, Mrigala, Katla, Prawns


  1. Natural food (phytoplankton): The use of AQUA RICH increases the amount of phytoplankton in the fish pond. It is used as a natural feed for fish.
  2. Pollution-free Fisheries: Increased phytoplankton purifies water in the lake due to the use of AQUA RICH. Prevents the growth of harmful micro- organisms. This protects the fish from various diseases.
  3. Oxygen rich fish pond: Increased phytoplankton provides sufficient oxygen due to the use of AQUA RICH. It is used for proper growth of fish. AQUA RICH saves fifty thousand per hectares in production cost of Prawns production.
  4. FCR (Feed Conversion Rate): The use of AQUA RICH provides abundant amount of natural food in the pond as phytoplankton. This saves on the cost of supplementary food.
  5. Exportable Production: The water and environment in the pond are disease free and oxygen rich with the use of AQUA RICH. Therefore, exports of fish and Prawns can be easily extracted for proper production.


  Prawns and Carp fish :
  1. Before leaving the fish initially in the pond, combine 10 liters of AQUA RICH in 200 liters of water and leave it on all sides of the lake before sunrise. For more benefits, you can use 5 kg vermi wash and 50 kg azzola juice.
  2. For prawn fish rearing, use 5 liter AQUARICH per hectare in 7 days interval.
  3. For Carp fish rearing, use 5 liter AQUARICH per hectare in 15 days interval.

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