Organic Farming: RPS ImmunoRich


Chemical free Pesticide. Natural Enhancement in Plant’s Immunity.
Organic formulation to fight against Fungus & Insects.


Indian Farmers Grow Variety Of Crops and Equally There Are Large Variety Of Enemies For Crops Like Fungi, Insects, Bacteria, etc. Farmers Are Using Hazardous Chemical Pesticides and Fungicides To Fight Against These. These Dangerous Chemicals Are Affecting Farmers Health, Farmer Family Health and Ultimately Affecting All Consumers Like Us.Organic Fungicide and Pesticide Is The Only Solution To Get Rid Of Toxic Chemical Pesticides.RPS IMMUNORICH Is Pure Organic Pest Controller Without Any Side Effect. Product is intended to control of insect and pest like White flies, Trips, Fungal infection and high efficacy against chewing and sucking pests. This product is completely free of chemicals so is biodegradable and ecofriendly.
RPS IMMUNO RICH is developed targeting on various mode of action. This product contain neurotoxicty, Larvicidal, Antifedent, Repellent, Paralytic active ingredients so inhibit wide range of microbial infection with various mode of action.


RPS IMMUNO RICH contains extracts of various Plants enriched with Alkaloids, Terpenes, useful Glycosides etc. Plant parts of Neem, Karanj, Alstonia, Procera, Garlic, Ginger etc.


Free from chemicals, innovative combination of herbal extracts Effective in wide range of agricultural insects and pests Completely biodegradable so residual value is rear Major problem with foliar infection in agriculture is resistance to drug (so other marketed products are ineffective), RPS IMMUNO RICH being the combination of different extract overcomes drug resistance.RPS IMMUNO RICH is developed targeting on different mechanism of actions like neurotoxicity, paralytic activity, larvicidal activity, inhibition of egg hatching etc that makes the product unique of its kind RPS IMMUNO RICH is eco-friendly and natural protector of crop Human toxicity is negligible so farmers are safe during application


  2. Application Time: At the commencement of disease.
  3. Method of Application Dissolve: 50 ml of RPS IMMUNO RICH in 15 Lit of water and spray over the infected crop.
  4. Recommended Crops All crop at the commencement of disease.
  5. Compatibility RPS IMMUNO RICH is compatible with all commonly used organic fertilizer, pesticides and insecticides.

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