Animal Feed: CattleRich Liquid


A Miracle for Poultry farming.
Improves Digestive System in Chicks.
Builds Immunity & aids to Weight Gain in Birds.
Decreases Death Rate in Birds.
Beneficial for all Animals.


Dhanwantari’s CATTLERICH has shown miraculous results in poultry farming. Farmers are getting maximum output with use of CATTLERICH LIQUID from day 1 of newborn chicks.


Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, L-Lycine, Calcium (All Organic)


  1. Improves Digestive System In Chicks. Improve Diet.
  2. Improve Immunity In Birds
  3. Help Weight Gain in Birds.
  4. Early Maturity of Chicks
  5. Get The Poultry Yiels At Earlier.
  6. Decrease In Birds’ Death Rate
  7. Beneficial For Poultry Birds & All Other Animals As Well.


Day 1 To Day 15: 2ml CattleRich Liquid per 100 Chicks
Day 16 To Day 30: 3ml CattleRich Liquid per 100 Chicks
Day 31 To 45 Days: 4ml CattleRich Liquid per 100 Chicks

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