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Nutrition Supplements

  • CalRich D2 Max

    Essential for Bones and teeth mineralization and health. Makes bone strong & healthy. Calrich D2 Max is useful for contraction of muscles. So useful in leg cramps & muscle cramps. It is needed for normal conduction of nerve impulses. So useful in tingling, numbness of limbs. During fracture of bones or after surgery of bones, its help to mineralize bones and formation of bones. In diabetic complications – nerves, muscles, bones becomes weak and degenerates. Calrich D2 Max slows degeneration and helps for new formation. Helps to protect bones, nerves and muscles during old age. Repairs damges, fractures, and degeneration. Dose : For Adult Male/ Female 1 Tab Daily. Please don’t take with any iron supplement.

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  • CarniCo 10

    Its a Cardiac Health Rejuvenator & also a Muscle, Vessel & Brain Strengthening Product It is best for eye health Very much useful in male infertility Dose : 1 Capsule morning and evening after food.

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  • Chocommunity

    Cow colostrums gives strong immunity Ashwagandha promotes healthy growth & Development of Children Shankhpushpi enhances Brain health, improves intelligens & concentration Herbal – Ayurved combination safe for children.

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  • Grow Total

    Cocoa powder - Cocoa powder is obtained from the fermented, roasted cocoa beans of the cocoa tree. Its rich taste and aroma make it a good flavoring agent useful for enjoy a hot or cold chocolate drink. Bovine Colostrum- Bovine colostrum is a milky fluid that comes from the udder of cows the first few days after giving birth, before true milk appears. Turmeric Extract- Chocolate containing curcuma aromatica and a producing method thereof are provided to secure total phenol components of the curcuma aromatica, and to offer the excellent anticancer activity and antioxidant activity. Ashwagandha- Ashwagandha improves adrenal function, sports performance, energy metabolism and nourishes mind. Shankhpushpi- It holds high significance in improving the memory capacity, enhancing concentration, learning capabilities, and treating mental fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, depression, Dose : 1 or 2 spoons of Grow Total mixed with milk twice daily.

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  • Green Tea Tablets

    Worlds best antioxidant now available in unique tablet form Aids in weight management Boosts your mood Metabolism booster, increase energy level and concentration. Beneficial for Heart Health, skin health, diabetes, joint health. Dose : 1 Green rich tablet with 1 cup warm water. And get all benefits of super power green tea.

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  • LohRich Syrup

    Helps to improve hemoglobin content. Contains calcium, builds strong bones & teeth. Boosts immune system. Keeps the stomach soothed. Acts as a natural detoxifier. Maintains cholesterol. Beneficial for Cancer patients & pregnant women. Safe for diabetics. Dose : 50 ml LOH RICH with 150ml water.

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  • MadhuRich Stevia Tea

    Sugar free Helpful in controlling blood sugar Better antioxidant Helpful in controlling increasing obesity Beneficial in skin health, skin related diseases Helpful in maintaining normal blood pressure Improves digestive system Beneficial for everyone

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  • MadhuRich Assam Tea

    Madhurich premium Tea is a great hand crafted blend of Premium quality Assam Tea which will give a Robust Taste and Great Aroma.

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  • Vighnaharta Rice Bran Oil

    9 months-long shelf life. Natural properties remain uninterrupted for 9 months. 213 C Smoking point keeps smokeless kitchen. 352 C Blazing point, nonflammable. Non-sticky, fewer efforts to clean the kitchen utilizes. 15% less absorbed in fried items, makes the food less oily. Lesser quantity is sufficient for cooking. Improves color, taste & overall texture of food.

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  • MagnoRich

    • Anti-aging effect.
    • Strengthen immune system -improving defense power of body.
    • Good supply of proteins and replenishing vitamins and minerals.
    • Improving quality of sleep.
    • Improves skin tone. Anti-aging properties.
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