Benefits of Grain Rich

  1. Effective to protect grains, maize, oats, rice, rye, milo, sunflower seeds & wheat from pest damage.
  2. Curative after harvest
  3. Damage from rice mite, grain borer, flat grain beetle, merchant grain beetle, toothed rain beetle, red flour beetle, confused flour beetle, granulated mite &
    Indian food pest larvae, can be prevented & reduced with the use of Grain Rich.
  4. Flour made from grain seeds, nutrition & germination properties of cooked food is not affected by this treatment.

Instructions for use

Lightly coat the outer surface of all grains & seeds with this powder.
Prevention is more effective if Grain Rich is applied to the grain immediately after harvest & the grain or seed moisture does not exceed more than 12%.

For Domestic or Household use:

For Storing grains or seeds for household use add 50gms of Grain Rich in 50 grams of grains or seeds.
Make sure that a very light coating of this powder covers all the kernel surfaces to a large extent & stores treated grains in a clean, dry & airtight container.

For Commercial use

100gms of Grain Rich can be used with 50Kg grains or seeds by coating or mixing standard milling equipment can be used for applying.