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Healthy India is a Dream of Dhanwantari.
The Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Ramesh Patil - M.D. (Medicine) is a health philosopher...
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chairman's desk
Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd., is an organization with strong value systems and principles. Since 2008, Dhanwantari has made strong presence in wellness industry, because of its exclusive, unparalleled products. Today we are known as an organization with a purpose. The Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Ramesh Patil - M.D. (Medicine) is a healthcare professional with more than 25 years of solid experience who is the back born of Patil Hospital Pvt. Ltd- Koregaon, Sanjeevan Specialty Hospital- Satara , Heart line Diagnostic Centre, Sanjeevan CT Scan centre. Our CMD Dr.Ramesh Patil wishes to touch the 100 crore lives of Indian population with the unique life changing opportunity of Dhanwantari. Our founder’s fundamentals of freedom, family, hope and reward have and will continue to dictate how we behave and how we do business.
Dr. Ramesh Patil
M.D. (Medicine)
The true force behind Dhanwantari’s success has always been our people and the relationships that are made between our employees, distributors and customers. These trusted partnerships based on solid principles become a powerful tool that helps us
  better reach our goal of improving the lives of others.

He also has brilliant thoughts about health of general population, health insurance, health education, diagnostic tests awareness program, rural hospitals with good facilities, to render. Let us change the world one at a time!
* “Healthy India” is the Dream of Dhanwantari. *