Dhanwantari Distributors pvt. ltd.


Dhanwantari is the "God of Medicine" according to the Indian mythology and we stand committed to building a healthy India. Started in the year 2008, Dhanwantari has now presence in all states across India. With its innovative, exclusive, unparalleled products, in this short period, we could touch the lives of thousands.

Our unique product "ImmuRich capsules" contain Cow Colostrum, which is a unique Combination of Immunoglobulin, PRPs, Lactoferrin, Growth factors, Vitamins and Minerals derived by patented technology of low heat, low pressure pasteurization of cow colostrum. It is 100% organic and free from heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides.

We offer the products through the direct selling method to support the lives of ordinary Indians to create an extra ordinary life by being a part of Wellness Industry that is going to create the maximum millionaires in the coming decade.

We offer this great opportunity with the hope that the combination of products, compensation and organisational support is one of the best in the country. Let us make India a wonderful place to live with health, wealth and happiness.

We satisfy all the latest guidelines of direct selling by Govt. of India.